Black Spinner

A friend of mine Psychic Medium Dori Spence has helped police solve a couple murders and was once featured on Good Morning America television show because of her psychic abilities.

Dori hosted a paranormal event in Cheyenne in June. I was standing with Dori and some other paranormal enthusiasts on the 2nd floor mezzanine or balcony area of the Historic Plains Hotel.

Dori looked through the considerable crack between the double doors going into a meeting room. The door was locked, but she was curious to see how big the room was. Through the crack she saw what she called a “black spinner” It was about 3 feet high and it snaked across the wall like a huge black ribbon. It kept whipping around the circumference of the room. Dori felt like this spirit phenomena was trying to get out of the hotel.

One of the group quickly pulled out and EMF reader which measures electromagnetic fields. It registered a disturbance every time the black spinner went past them as they were standing by the doors. The black spinner had substance, it was not transparent. This was the second time Dori has encountered a black spinner.

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