New Orleans

I was fortunate enough to attend a NTA National Tour Operators convention in New Orleans this January. Being a NOLA virgin I was in for a real treat. The city has such a unique culture, and although I had work obligations booked for the majority of my stay , I did not miss any opportunities to explore and sample their wonderful cuisine. Bourbon Street did not disappoint and of course I had the obligatory hurricanes and beignets, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The French Quarter was fun and Jacksons Square is beautiful. I immediately signed up for one of the ghost tours. New Orleans has an intersting history and lovely architecture. We strolled through the French Quarter and the witty tour guide told stories of the citys beginnings and turmoil over the years. There were a lot of fires. To be honest I was quite disappointed with the tour because there was not actually one ghost story in the entire script. Yes there was death and dismay, but no talk of apparitions that had been seen, no lights turning on and off by themselves, no disembodied footsteps. The guide just told everyone to snap a lot of photos, surely they'd find an orb in one or more of them. It wasn't a complete waste of time, I did enjoy the history and humor, and I definetly enjoyed the city. I hope I can return in the near future to continue my explorations.

This photo was snapped at a church in the French Quarter during the tour. The shadow is that of the stautue below.

New Orleans church.jpg

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