Come to Your Senses

Do you have a ghost in your home or business? Use your senses to help answer that question.

~ Sight ~ Touch ~ Smell ~ Taste ~ Sound ~

SIGHT: Have you seen a ghost, misty figure or shadow person? Spirits are often seen in vintage clothing. Sometimes only portions of a spirit can be seen, they not full bodied. Often spirits show themselves briefly and then vanish before you. Orbs appear in photos and videos, flashes of light are seen. Have you seen doors open or closes by themselves, or watched inanimate objects slide across a surface with no human assistance? Books flying off shelves is an indication of spirits as is lights flickering or turning on and off.

TOUCH: This is the most common way spirits are experienced. Sometimes a wisp of cold air goes past you, or you walk directly into an isolated cold spot. I often feel a tugging at my hair or a pat on my arm. Other feeling associated with a haunting is headaches, stomach aches, and excessive static electricity. Often people feel a strong presence near them, something watching them that they cannot necessarily see.

HEARING: Unexplained noises are often heard, knocking and banging sounds, footsteps, disembodied footsteps and voices or whispers and moans. Sometimes music floats through the air or music boxes, TV’s or radios play of their own accord.

SMELL: There are many reports of smelling a woman’s perfume, flowers or cigar smoke when a ghost is suspected. Sometimes foul smells are reported in conjunction with paranormal activity.

TASTE: This is the least often reported ghost sensor, but I have heard of people tasting blood.

OTHER: Items moved unexplainably, often found in very unusual places. Pictures removed from the wall and neatly placed elsewhere. I have many reports of tools moving by themselves during a renovation project, and power tools or appliances turning on by them self.

If you are experiencing the above activity you may want to begin documenting the instances by writing down your experiences, taking photographs and doing audio & video recordings. If the experiences are excessive a reputable paranormal investigation team could be called in.

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