Inner Voices

Do you ever hear a voice from within, a calling, an urge on the direction of your life?

Have you said “something is telling me to do this”?

This bears the question, is it your sub conscious you hear, or something more. Could the voice that gives guidance be originating from a source beyond your own thoughts or control? Hearing voices may not be a sign of insanity but rather that of someone or something from beyond this realm giving you direction. Depending on your belief system, this guidance can be attributed to different things.

Joan of Arc is just one example of someone who claims to have followed that voice, she is considered a religious martyr. Joan was born a peasant girl in what is now eastern France. Professing divine guidance, she led the French army to several important victories during the Hundred Years' War. She was captured and burned at the stake for heresy when she was just 19 years old.

Another example is President Lincoln. He was in tune with his 6th sense. Lincoln dreamt of his death just a few days prior to his assassination. On that fateful day of April 15th, 1865, Lincoln summoned his cabinet saying “Gentlemen, before long you will have important news. I have had a dream, the same dream that I have had three times before.” Within hours, the shocking news raced through the city: President Lincoln had been shot at Ford’s Theater.

Following the murder his spirit was reported at the White House. Winston Churchill slept in the Lincoln Room, where he saw Lincoln’s spirit. President Teddy Roosevelt and First Lady Grace Coolidge both reported seeing a tall gangly figure in several rooms of the residence. Others have reported seeing Lincoln’s shadow in the Oval Office window.

As with all paranormal phenomena some folks believe in physics, other think its bunk. A psychic is someone who claims to have the ability to perceive information from beyond.

The psychics use various methods to gain this information. Some have visions of the future while awake, others in their sleep. Some get visions when they touch tangible items. Throughout history people that had visions were sometimes thought of as prophets, Nostradamus is an example of this. He has been attributed with predicting many disasters through time.

Back to the original question, when you feel or hear that guiding voice – better stop and listen.


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