Happy first day of autumn. I had my first book signing for HAUNTED WARREN AIR FORCE BASE on Saturday Sept 20., four days after its release. It is intrigueing selling books to zombies, nice to know the walking dead can read! They had a great turnout at the Zombie Fest and it was fun to be a part of it. I love to see the historic Atlas Building being used for community events, wish those walls could talk. The great thing about book signings is I generally hear new enticing stories from the customers. I’m headed to the east coast tomorrow and will do some travel blogging for you while I work and play.

Let’s talk ORBS. I think we have all taken photographs with light specs appearing in the images. Not to crush your souls, but the majority of these light specs can be scientifically explained. I am not saying that none of these orbs are paranormal, but dust particles, pollen, moisture in the air and reflections can all cause orbs in photos. Ghosts manifesting in balls of light is a popular theory. It is believed that spirits draw from surrounding energy such as lamps and camera batteries and manifest in various ways. The orb is thought to be the easiest way for them to appear.

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