Today is the release of my second book Haunted Warren Air Force Base. Let the fun begin, time for book signings and ghost tours. I’ve written this year’s trolley ghost tours and am thrilled to say that this year’s tours will include a thirty minute segment on Warren Air Force Base. There are so many great stories on the post. The last time we did our ticketed ghost tours on the base was in 2006. I want to extend a big thank you to the public affairs committee for all the extra work they are doing to allow the tours on the installation.

There was a news story from Canada last month that caught my attention. A middle aged couple and their ten year old son began hearing odd noises in their home. Then they began to find their personal items and knick knacks being moved around. The family became convinced that they had a ghost. They put their home on the market, and it quickly sold. Just a few days before they were to be out of the home the mother and son entered the living room and much to their horror they discovered the culprit, a ten foot long python. Come to find out it belonged to a neighbor and had been missing a few months. I believe I would rather co-habitat with the ghost than the python.

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