Giiggling Ghost

On my last post I spoke of the numerous paranormal accounts at the Cheyenne Depot. It’s only fair that I share some with you. It seems that we have a child spirit. One who is simply entertained by messing with the staff in the building. My first knowledge of the child was when an employee I’ll call Misty came to me with a bemused look upon her face. It was a blustery January winter day and few tourists had stopped in. Misty was at her post in the lobby when she heard giggling, odd because she was sure she was alone. She stood up from her desk, walked out of the visitor center space and into the main lobby area. She could still hear the laughter; it was coming from the cut-out area where the coffee shop once operated. She walked over to the sounds, but no one was there. Misty continued to hear the laughing as she returned to her desk. Soon thereafter the Events Manager starting hearing giggling sounds from that same area when locking the building up at night, her husband also heard it. To further validate the events, the gift shop manager had a pair of earring fling off the counter, when she looked up she saw a shadow child glide through the store. She went after the silhouette, but it vanished. The child is heard running in the hallways.

While the paranormal and unexplained is my niche, I also love writing about travel and other interests of mine. So stay tuned.

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