Surrounded by Spirits

It is hard for me to avoid the paranormal when the very building I work in forty plus hours a week is continually presenting me with new material. Each year we begin the trolley ghost tours at the Historic Cheyenne Depot. This is where the Visit Cheyenne tourism office is located, and our visitor center where we sell the trolley tickets is. It’s not been a problem starting the tour at the same location because each year I have plenty of NEW ghost stories to present from the depot and the other neighboring historic businesses. As I am putting together this year’s ghost tour script I find I simply have too many paranormal encounters from the depot that happened just since last October to include in one tour. While I have never felt scared in the depot, at least not from spirits, some of my colleagues have been terrified. Since I am the collector of these tales, I have also become the “go to” girl when something strange occurs. I actually like this role because I get to hear their stories and see the palpable fear of the witness for myself, which makes me know they truly experienced something. I don’t know that I have the ability to protect my co-workers, but I’ll go down trying!


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