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Haunted Cheyenne
  • ISBN-10: 1626191581
  • ISBN-13: 978-1626191587

In 1867, at the spot where the Union Pacific Railroad crossed Crow Creek, the city of Cheyenne was born. Since then, the Magic City of the Plains has had a long history of hauntings. Drop into the Shadows Pub and Grill, and you may find yourself sharing a drink with a spectral patron from another era. Spend a night at the Historic Plains Hotel, and you may run into one of the many ghostly guests who refuse to check out. Even the Wrangler store seems to be home to a phantom cowboy. From the ghosts of the historic Depot and Rail Yard to the spirits that still linger in some of the city's private homes, this frontier town is filled with spooky happenings and chilling sightings. Join writer and guide Jill Pope on a tour of the stories behind this city's most chilling spots.

Haunted Warren AFB
  • ISBN 9781626195622

Francis E. Warren Air Force Base is located on the west side of Cheyenne, Wyoming, just three miles from downtown.  It is the oldest active military post in all of the United States, and is the only active federal military installation in Wyoming.  This post has been continuously active since it was originally established in 1867, and is steeped with history of the generations of servicemen that have dwelled here.   The base is highly populated with ghosts despite the fact that the post was never attacked, nor was there ever a military battle fought there, although the men were involved in various offsite battles and Indian engagements, including the Great Sioux Indian Wars in 1876. This is the same war where Custer was defeated. The history is strong at WAFB, and the spirits of many remain to tell there tales.



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