TOURISM:  Jill Pope has worked for the Visit Cheyenne, the  Convention & Visitor's Bureau  as the Director of Operations and Visitor Services  for the past fifteen years.  As part of this position she manages four Cheyenne Street Railway Trolleys which offer daily historic tours, Halloween ghost tours, and Christmas light tours. She enjoys interacting with visitors from around the country and the world, finding that the more different we are, the more alike we are.


AUTHOR:  During Jill's tourism career she has written the trolley historic tours spinning information on the unbridled origins of this western town. Each October the staff puts on the trolley ghost tours, with a different script and route every year.  Its much like a theater production with scripts, costumes and ghosts along the route.  Then in December the trolley offers holiday light tours.  Jill has partnered  with various paranormal groups over the years  to make the tours more intriguing.  She often does presentations on the subject at local venues.


Gathering many of the stories collected over her career Jill compiled  and  published HAUNTED CHEYENNE and HAUNTED WARREN AIR FORCE BASE as part of the History Press Haunted America series. She included the history of the haunted locations to allow the reader to better understand the paranormal activity.  Jill also wrote monthly articles on the paranormal for Around Cheyenne magazine in  2008 and 2009.


ARTIST:  Jill is an artist who has worked in many media.  The streets  of Cheyenne Wyoming are lined with eight foot tall cowboy boots. Jill painted two of the decorative  boots adorning the depot plaza, and one that is in Nebraska. She is  skilled in sculping with clay then having her pieces bronzed.   She enjoys painting on canvas with acrylics and oil paints, and has done may stained glass pieces. Wildlife and people with "charachter"  are her favorite subject matter, generally going for a realistic peice rather than abstract.


FAMILY:  Jill and her husband Darin were married and combined families in 2007. They have five terrific chidren, Heather, Brady, Tyler, Jusin and Austin. Heather and her husband Craig have blessed them with two wonderful grandchildren, Jaidyn and Hagen. Jill and Darin love the outdoors, especially boating. They have two adorable Westie dogs that rule the household!  The couple resides in their log abode in northern Colorado with fabulous scenic views of the mountains around them.


Jill has always been interested in the unexplained and unproven. Wondering if there is anything to astrology and numerology, drawn to the paranormal, intrigued by dream analysis and handwriting analysis, wanting to catch a peek of Nessie or a Sasquatch. Curious about the curse of the Hope Diamond and the powers of the pyramids. While she is a bit of a skeptic, not necessarily a believer in these topics, Jill continues to follow the current research as it unfolds. Jill is tarot with  reader and also does past life readings using tarot and oracle cards. 


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Jill Pope | 307-778-3133 | jill@cheyenne.org | 121 W 15th St, Ste. 202  Cheyenne, WY


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