Haunted Cheyenne, by Jill Pope



    Jill delves in to the history and hauntings of Cheyenne, Wyoming, a     hell on wheels town with unbridled origins. Connecting the spirit activity to actual events that occured over time.


    The city of Cheyenne and Ft D. A. Russell were established on the same day, July 4th, 1867.  The fort has been opened ever since, but is now  Warren Air Force Base.  Many lives were lost to the cruel undeveloped prairie life with a  rough terain and harsh elements. There were vicious battles between the white men who were soldiers, pioneers and railroad crewmen against  the Native Americans who were fighting to keep their sacred land. Those who first traveled west experienced severe and lawless conditions in their journey, making the area ripe for spirit phenomeneon.


    These books wre written as part of History Press Publications HAUNTED AMERICA series.

Much of what we feel or sense is our own loved ones that have passed on, staying near and watching over us, surrounding us with their love and guidance. Be kind to the spirits because someday you'll be one too. I hope that all your encounters with ghosts are friendly. Happy hauntings.


  -Jill Pope